“And in the church God has appointed…those able to help, those with the gifts of administration. (I Corinthians 12: 28) NIV.Consists of two volunteers. Their duties are: To make pastor’s agenda for the week and schedule appointment.To check photocopies of forms (as need be).To write financial record for petty cash.To write (type and write) minutes of all meetings (Workers, office, etc.).To type and send out all letters (official or not) of church and pastor – Register and keep of all.Report of mission and church outing, etc.Order and tidiness in pastor office.It is open from 08: 00 p.m. on ordinary days and all day long on service days.They serve as a liaison unit between the members of the assembly, the pastors and the visitors or new converts.This liaison is mostly done through phone calls, follow-up visits and even person – to – person counselling etc.    

--  FINANCE  --

There are three person involved in this department: the treasurer, assistant treasurer and counting official.This department ensures the good management of the church finances.They prepare the following reports: on the state of accounts and expenditures after every service, monthly report at the end of every month, balance sheet at the end of every year which they present to the assembly.   


Have interpreters who help in the transmission of information and messages to the church in the French and English languages.This transmission is oral (interpretation) or written (translation of documents).This department is also in charge of writing the church magazine- FAITH REELS, which is a quarterly magazine on the church activities. 


This department’s mission is to pray for the assembly for the accomplishment of the vision of the church.They hold all night-prayer meetings every Friday, and with the entire church once every month.


{mosimage}Its role is to win souls for Jesus, in Bonabéri, Douala and the whole nation according to Luke 10:1–9.They serve as a bridge between world and this local assembly.The Evangelism club invades the neighbourhood with the gospel of Jesus Christ.These leads to implantation of prayer cell that is a very important unit of our ministry.  

 --  CELLS  --

 It is the smallest unit of the church, yet the most fundamental.It is an arm of the church to reach out with the Gospel of salvation to our neighbourhood.It encourages evangelism by infiltration and better management of God’s people.The cell meeting is held once a week with a maximum duration of 1 hour 30minutes.It is designated to promote unity, love and mutual trust amongst God’s people.It functions within the unique vision of the church: ministering to the whole man (spirit, soul and body) according to psalm 107: 20.Every member of this assembly must belong to a cell group.

   --  USHERS  --

 This department has as duty to maintain order and security of the members, pastor and his family, visitors and visiting ministers their belonging during service hours.It takes care of protocol at the church.

   --  MUSIC  --

 {mosimage} This department is made up of two groups: church choirpraise and worship teamThe praise and worship team seeks to lead every member of the assembly into the presence of the Lord through praise and worship.To be a member of the praise and worship team or the church choir, you must be a full member of the church and a mature Christian.  

  --  MANPOWER  --

This department is made up of men.

 --  WOMEN  --

 This particular Ministry is for Women who seek to grow spirituallyin every facet of their life. The objective of this ministry is to teach the women on how to be the Women that our Father and Lord predestine them to be, and that is to be conformed to the Image of the Father him self.To accomplish this goal is determine by the goals that are written. They are to be clear and concise, and achievable for all. The person who heads this department is require like all other department heads to develop a fiscal budget that includes all activities for the coming year. This should include : Women conferences ( speakers, offerings, advertisements etc.)Women retreats and the dates posted.Women resources  ( innovative women ministry magazines, books, tapes etc.).Creative ideas such as Wedding showers, Baby showers etc.Creative Entrepreneur Ideas for the family income.  

  --  YOUTH  --

 The youth of this assembly make up more than 50% of the church.This department seeks to bring the youths together in the love of Christ, help them to be disciplined children of God, edified and fortifies them as disciples of Christ.This is done through retreats, door-to- door evangelism, counselling and crusades.   


 - This department checks and ensures that all radio equipment, the sound system and all electrical appliances are in good working state.- They are in charge of the upkeep of the building (The cleaning, supply of necessary materials).Make sure that utility bills are paid on time.They record and keep stock of all messages on cassettes.   


 Have service every Sunday morning as the adults.This department is made up of children’s Church Pastor and some helpers.They teach the Word of God to the children and bring them to have a personal relationship with God also; this is done by teaching them in a language so simple that they can understand and retain; teaching aids also are used to give them visual image.

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