How to Follow Jesus Christ

To be born again is a good thing, the best decision in life but that is not the end. You have just been born into the family of God and are at ground zero. The most important is to continue the journey of life with Jesus
The Christian life is not static but dynamic. Jesus Christ came to give you life and life more abundantly. Following Jesus in His steps is the sure pathway for abundant life.
Mark 10:17-/ Luke 18:18-

The rich young man was interested by the processes to get eternal life but refused to follow Jesus accordingly even though Jesus was pleased with him. If you refuse to follow Jesus you will not be where He is. Today Christians follow many things and not Jesus wholeheartedly.
If you are born again and walk with Him you are sure of eternal life.
1 John 5:12
Having Jesus is one thing and following the steps of His life is another.
You have life only when you possess Jesus in you as the truth and only way; when He lives in you.
Many Christians have spiritual shipwrecks because they are refusing to be rooted in Christ even after confessing Him as Lord and Savior
If you have been raised together with Christ you must seek to be where He is; having your affection on things above and not of the earth
1 Thes 5:16
The joy of salvation experienced at spiritual birth can only be maintained by practicing the entire word of God in all truth.
Phils 4:4
Our habits as Christians have greatly changed. Many no more live the life of rejoicing in the Lord. We have to be glad like David when we go into the house of the Lord.
Acts 13:52
One special Christian virtue is the joy of the Lord which is the fruit of the Spirit. The Lord commands you to rejoice. The disciples of Jesus where filled with joy and the Holy Spirit.
Roms 14:17
The Kingdom of God is not only in eating and drinking but in righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.
Neh 8:10
Christians are now focus on material things that can not give them true joy but the joy of the Lord is your strength. Be not distracted with the demands of the world
1 John 2:15-17
Do not love the system and things of this world so that you lost not the love of the Father. You have the choice
It is rare to find that love of God expressed in the life of Christians who are the light of the world. Most are not happy. Nothing should stop you from having the joy of the Lord. Do not practice teachings that make you focus only on material gains but spiritual life.
The real environment of a Christian does not constitute just in having the luxury in this life.
Your fulfillment in life is not a function of your earthly possessions.
Be sold out to Jesus. No matter the difficulty know that it is up to Jesus to fixe it up and not you as long as you are a disciplined follower of Jesus Christ.
If your mind is filled with Jesus your heart will be filled with joy. If you walk with Jesus you cannot be miserable because He is your satisfaction in life
2 Corinth 6:10
Let not your physical situation define your mode of life. Live above the physical to the eternal truth in Christ Jesus. Your appetite should be Jesus because all other things on earth shall pass away. Do not attach your heart to the things of the world but to Jesus.
God has not and will never forget you because He has a plan for you. Always give God thanks in all things and be anchored in Christ. Refuse to allow needs to stress your peace.
2 Tim 3:12
Following Jesus is vital and necessary for eternal life even when in pain. You will suffer persecution as a disciple of Jesus.
Matt 10:35-39
If you love anything or anyone more than Jesus you are not worthy of Him. Take your cross and follow Him daily.
Gal 3:27
If you have been baptized with Christ you have put on Christ
Gal 2:20
Christ should be the one living in you. Walk worthy of Him. Denying yourself is a prove of your priority and faithfulness to Jesus. Do not allow your heart to be attached to the things of this world. Love Jesus more than the world and be ready to give up all for Him.
1 Thes 5:16-17
Rejoice always and give God thanks in all things. Quench not the joy of the Holy Spirit in you.
May the God of hope fill you with the joy of the Lord always



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