Do not faint, Only Believe

God takes His time to be on time. He is always on time for you. The control board of all lives is in His hands and He knows what to do at the appropriate time.
Luke 18:1-8
We are in the phase of time in the world were things are constantly changing and rapidly so.
God wants mankind to engage Him purposefully for divine intervention.

The church should not encourage this get it easy and fast mentality. God honors labor and efforts from man on earth.

People are edging for machines to do all things for them.
God is swiftest than any being because He is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscience. But He wants man to believe Him and build their faith or trust in Him for all things.
God take His time but He will never fail
When the Son of man will come, will He find faith on earth? Those who will hold God in prayers as Jacob did until God changed his situation.
I was a desperate stammerer and preacher. One day someone told me you preach well but just that you stammer much. That was like a knife in my heart and I cried out to God. I said " Oh God, did you hear that"? And He answered he with His healing power
John 11:40

Believe and you will see the glory of God
The devil will fight to destroy your faith in God.
Satan had planned to sieve the life of Peter but Jesus interceded for His victory
So long as you have breathe, trust God with all your might even when you do not know how to pray anymore.
We are in the last days when perilous or difficult times has come. Satan is targeting children of God but those who wait on their God shall be strong and do exploits.
Isaiah 30:18

God is earnestly waiting to be gracious to you. He deals well with those who wait on Him. Do not move ahead of God for you will land into errors. He will ordain your steps according to His purposes and time. King Saul did not wait and lost the throne of Israel.
Some miracles need time for maturity. Tomatoes and Coffee do not get ripe at same time. Their value is a function of the time they take before harvest
Everything we need has a value and a price tag for it. Be sure that God knows all than concerns you and will give you accordingly.
John 20:30-31

Jesus is gone to our Father to prepare the way for us. God cares about you
The Christ is the one anointed with power to give life. All the whole gospel message is written for mankind to believe in Jesus, to have life and life more abundantly. He has come to satisfy and make you a fulfilled or accomplished person.
Luke 7:19-23

Jesus answers not by mere words but by power acts evident to all. He confirmed the saying, " action speaks louder than words".
There is nothing impossible with Jesus, He is the answer to all things in life.
An encounter with Jesus will change your life forever as He did for Saul whose name He changed to Paul.
God can change your story and make you laugh even when things have all become bad.
He is the master of the world, the great provider, the miracle worker who is never late.
Can a woman give birth at 90 years old? But when God steps in He makes impossibilities become possible by force.
God needs just your faith as Naaman the Syrian general who was an unbelieving believer till he saw God real personally turn his leprous skin to that of a new born baby
Luke 1:5, 25, 35-37

God can remove your shame, reproaches and pains anytime anywhere
Even if the problem is so bad that people know you by your trouble, God can change your story if only you believe.
A day came that God looked on Elizabeth. God will look at you and those who are laughing at you will celebrate you.
God can never be late, He is always on His time.
Luke 7:13

God says weep not for you will not die before your time


by Rev Patrick Gwanmesia

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