Covenant Families

Gen 1:26-28
The family is the smallest unit and foundation of the society and nation. There are spiritual forces fighting the emergence of glorious families on earth.
The dominion mandate for humanity began with a covenant family established by God. Ephe 3:14
God created the earth a habitable environment conducive for human life
God is family oriented and the foundation of all families in....

Ps 68:6
God puts the solitary in families. Your family is precious in His eyes; He wants the best for you and family.
Acts 17:23-27
God's purpose of the family is to fill the earth with His glory
God will never send any to fulfill His redemptive purpose on their own account. He empowers with divine authority for manifestation or execution of His plans on earth
God has placed skills and talents in you for His glory. There is no useless human being. His seeds are in you and He is looking forward to fruits
Jesus cursed the fig tree for not supplying His needs at the appointed time.
It is your responsibility to find out your purpose and manifest it. Do not make people under your authority or children become what you want them to but what God wants for them. Find out what God has put in them and help them to become it. Pray God show you the path He has ordained for your children.
Do not give children names that speaks negatively into their lives. Adam and Eve gave names to their children that affected their destinies negatively hence shorten their lifespan.
Cain means spear and Abel means breathe or wind:transitory, temporal or vanity. Cain murdered his brother Abel fulfilling the prophetic definition of their names
After the catastrophic experience God gave this family another son they named Seth, meaning compensation. Gen 6:6-8

Chaos reigned on the earth and human life was mere futility.
But God is always on the look out for the remnant like Noah; one who refused to live according to the status quo of his generation
God wants you to prepare a spiritual habitation for your family. He is looking for a family that can receive Him so that He can use them to reach out to their neighborhood, cities and nations.
Begin a new covenant in Christ with your family. What is the blessing God has put in your family, He wants to multiply it to be a blessing to others
God used Noah's family to populate the earth after His kine.
He was a preacher of righteousness; warning people from damnation and hell. He gave God rest by His right standing with Him. Can the Lord find rest in your faily? No matter your age, you can be the doorway for His rest all around you.
God will require the blood of your neighbors, colleagues and family from your hands if you refuse to make way for Him to find rest through you. Hebs 6:7

Noah believed God after hearing from Him. His name means rest. Can you prepare an ark to give God rest; where He will preserve lives? You can be the doorway for the presence of the Lord to come into your generation for good.
The first thing Noah did after the flood was to build an Altar. Every altar has a sacrifice. God smells the savor of our sacrifices. Whatever you do as a child of God as sacrifice has a smell that either attracts or repels God's presence Gen 8:22

Because of the savory smell God made a vow that cuts across generations
The altar opens the gates of heaven for a covenant blessing to humanity. Give God proper sacrifices that will hold Him bound to bless the earth through all generations. God moves into prophetic fulfillment when He is pleased with the savory sacrifices of humans.
God is looking for just one man whom He will establish a covenant with for the lives of all
God created a family made of a man and woman and not the nonsense immoral combinations the world accepts as standard today.
God's Spirit is grieved because family life is gone out of order. He is looking for one to give Him rest. It is the seed of the righteous that is holy, not the unrighteous.
Altars are as powerful as the value of the sacrifice on them
Whoever gives the right sacrifice holds the power over the family altar. God is looking for people who will pay the price. Begin from your home. If you are not burden by the disorder in your home, you are not qualified to shepherd the sheep of God. The spiritual umbilical cord is never cut over the family if we stay connected to the altar in heaven. Ps 150:15

God wants you to give Him permission to bless your family by a the proper sacrifice you bring Him so can put order in your family and the society.
Your sacrifice is a mark of covenant renewal for life and blessing.

Your offering is your sacrifice for God to establish His blessings with you and family
1 Sam 24:
David built an altar and gave a savory sacrifice for God to stop the plague and remove the sin from the nation Israel. The altar you build needs quality sacrifices.
Every sacrifice must cost something. It is not free, or meaningless.
As long as your household is not a resting place for God, He is not pleased with you,

by Rev Dorothy NJAFUH

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