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Sis Pamela NKENGFUAH : For 5 years, I lived on borrowing

For 5 years, I lived on borrowing. I was so indebted that I had to borrow to pay another debt. My husband and I got involved in a transportation of goods business which brought us so much trouble: goods were destroyed or missing. This business pushed us deeper into this circle of debts. We had to sell our car to pay some of the debts.But we placed our confidence on God and He saw us through. It wasn’t easy. But at the appointed time, things started working out for us.

And I testify today, that in 2008, God’s grace reached to us. We have not borrowed a pin, we instead paid our debts and even lend to so many. God restored us and our business took off again.Today, we are fulfilling the word of god in Deuteronomy 28: 12.I am really grateful to God.