Faith Bible Church


Bishop Zach NJAFUH is the last of four children (all boys) born to Ba NDASI NJAFUH (late) and Na Julia NCHO of BALI NYONGA in the North West Province of Cameroon.

He attended primary school in TIKALI Presbyterian School BALI, and later Catholic School Mutengene. His secondary education saw him in PSS (Presbyterian Secondary School) in Kumba from 1973 – 1978


While in first year of high school in CCAST (Cameroon College of Arts, Science and Technology) BAMBILI, he received Jesus Christ into his Life as his Lord and Savior. After obtaining the GCE A’level certificate in 1980, he went on to the University of Yaounde where he spent one year and had to abandon due to the language barrier (all courses where taught in French- which was only a second language for him). He moved to Douala where he picked up a job with the United Geophysical Company (an oil corporation) an later with Gulf Oil petroleum in 1981. He worked here until 1983 when he got an admission to read petroleum engineering in Texas Tech University in Lubbock Texas and later left for the USA

In 1986, while actively serving the Lord under his senior pastor and spiritual father, Rev. Roy Paschal DAVIS, he was diagnosed with a liver disease. The situation degenerated and the liver that was rottening began to waste away. Medical science offered him very little help, and so his doctor advised that he goes back to his home country , Cameroon, since according to medical reports in October of that same year(a few weeks after diagnosis), he had barely three months to live. He didn’t believe this report as the final authority, since he had witnessed the manifestation of the healing power of God in the lives of Christian believers in church. So he went back to the pastor who mobilized the entire church and he was prayed for. God healed him, and Specialist confirmed the healing.

Following his miraculous healing, God gave him a healing ministry as part of his equipment for ministry. His zeal, passion and commitment to God was unmistakable, leading to him being  made head of the Prayer and Counseling Department of Word of Truth Church, where he served faithfully. He later on answered the call of God into the ministry and in 1987, attended Vacation Bible School of Word of Truth Church, where he earned a diploma in Ministry. Thereafter, he received a Certificate of License as a gospel minister: a legal document recognized by the State of Texas.

The hand of God was heavy on his life as the Lord used him mightily in the teaching and healing ministry while serving actively as an associate pastor with Rev. Roy DAVIS.

Through personal revelations and prophetic utterances from his senior pastor as well as some visiting ministers, (such as Prophet Claude HAGIS and Rev, Jerry SAVELLE just to name a few), the Lord asked him to return to Cameroon to serve his people. It must be noted that it was not easy for him to answer this call, because coming from a very humble background; he was looking forward to working in the USA as a petroleum engineer, in order to provide for his poor parents and relatives.

This call to go back to Cameroon was confirmed again by his pastor, Rev. Roy, who in a vision actually saw a light on a map of Africa shining from Douala and spreading all over Africa and to the rest of the World. The lord gave him the Vision for the work as that of ministering to the whole man (spirit, soul and body); and the mandate as “taking the Uncompromised Gospel of the Lord Jesus and the Healing Power of God to this generation beginning from Cameroon”. The Motto he received is from Psalms 107:20: He sent His Wodr and healed them and delivered them from their destruction”. Eventually, after several failed attempts to negotiate with God to allow him serve in the US, where life was much more comfortable, he left for Cameroon in 1988. Back in Cameroon, he went back to the Full Gospel Church in Mutengene and blessed the people with the teaching/preaching/healing ministry. He had been fellowshipping with the above church before he left for the US

He went around holding crusades and preaching in the South-West region from his base in Mutengene, with God confirming his Word with signs and wonders. He also traveled to Nigeria where he held revival programs in some churches in Owerri, eastern Nigeria as well as in Port Harcourt.

The misery he saw in the lives of ministers of the gospel in Cameroon revolted him in the inside and caused him to postpone the commencement of the ministry he had come to begin in Douala Cameroon. In 1989, he picked up a job with Dowel Schlumberger; and was sent to Congo. He worked in Congo until 1990 where he was promoted and transferred to the United Kingdom.

The Lord continued to remind him about His mandate for his life and made it uncomfortable for him to continue working for Dowel Schlumberger. He later abandoned his Job in the UK and returned home in the later part of 1990. It is true, God had told him earlier that he was going to work and serve Him simultaneously, but didn’t tell him how. His continuous search for a job was his idea. Little did he realize that when God gives one a mandate, He is able to accomplish in His own terms at His perfect timing). Throughout 1991, he went to SNH and PECTEN respectively for job interviews, with the hope of securing a job at home before beginning the ministry. But all these attempts failed.

In 1992, while attending a conference on church growth organized by Rev. Dr, Papa Billy LUBANZA, he finally surrendered to the Lord and agreed to serve God in His terms. It was after this surrender that he received the name of the ministry FAITH BIBLE CHURCH.Following the revelation of the name of the ministry, he moved to Douala (where he had been instructed in the US to begin the work). While in Douala, he lived for some time with his cousin, a police Inspector at Camp Bertaud in Ngodi,  Akwa.. He visited some churches and felt led to fellowship with the Full Gospel Church in Ngwelle, Bonaberi, in a bid to test the waters. He went on and held crusades in the neighborhoods of Bonaberi under the Full Gospel Church Ngwelle, and then began an assembly in Ndobo with fruits of souls from the crusade. He was asked by the leadership of the Full Gospel Church Cameroon to pastor this church; this he did until June of 1994, when the Lord told him it was time to begin the work he was in Cameroon for. He resigned from the Full Gospel Mission and began Faith Bible church, which opened its doors on the 21st of August 1994 with unchurched believers and a few non believers in attendance in the premises of the present hardware store called “quincaillerie FOKOU” Bonaberi. FAITH BIBLE CHURCH- a Charismatic  Pentecostal Church - has changed  location three times and is presently in her own property - a 2 hectares  piece of land behind Nosuca Bojongo at the outskirts of Bonaberi, towards the South-West.

With each change  of location, she lost some members with the most recent being the transition from her former premises at the former Cinema Fohato, old Road to her six thousands seat auditorium called FAITH CATHEDRAL. This Cathedral is made up of the main sanctuary, some conference rooms, the children department (church hall and the offices), prayer rooms, counseling rooms, prayer towers and an administrative block.

As part of the requirements needed to fulfill his divine mandate, Rev. Dr. NJAFUH has communicated the vision and some details to the entire leadership of the ministry, the Board of the Ministry as well as the entire membership. This ministry is looking forward to build on her present location soon after terminating with the finishings of the Cathedral, a Faith Primary and Secondary School, that will begin from nursery to secondary, and later on to University as the Lord wills and provides. This will be followed by a rehabilitation center, where former prostitutes, drug addicts, street children and delinquent, youths and their likes will be recovered, taught the Word of God, as well as a trade and later reintegrate the society as responsible men and women, helping themselves and their families, as well as contribute their part in developing their society. Next in line is Faith Medical Center, which will provide expert medical care at affordable prices to cater for the masses in this part of our world where medical attention is still available only to the rich, causing the death of the poor who can’t afford the high cost of medical attention and treatment. Next is an orphanage, so that children without parents can be recovered, loved and taught the Word of God, sent to school and given the opportunity to grow up and experience the love of God, so they too can become all that God ordained for them to be. It will be followed by a youth animation center, a prayer and counseling and retreat center, a Staff Quarters, and a guest house for visiting ministers, and more, as God directs. Since her inception in 1994, Faith Bible Church under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Zach NJAFUH and a capable team of  leaders has planted branch churches in, Baffoussam, Mbouda, Bamenda, Kumba, Edea, Munyenge, Mbanga, and Foumbot. Rev. Dr. Zach has also held medical evangelistic crusades in Bali and Batibo in the North-West Province, Bangangte, Baffoussam and Mbouda in the West province, Mbanga in the Littoral province, Bafia in the Center province, Ngaoundere in the Adamawa province and Kumba in the South West province. During these crusades, sick people receive free medical consultation and medications in the morning and afternoon periods, and then are encouraged to attend the crusade in the evening where they have a chance to hear the gospel of the kingdom of God and are given an opportunity to surrender their lives to Christ, the Great Healer. Later they are prayed for, and we have seen a lot of spectacular healings take place during such encounters: the blind receive their sight, the lame crippled walk as well as the paralyzed. Fibroids, cysts and various growths disappear from several women (confirmed by complete medical exams), as Bishop Njafuh believes in divine healing and medical science (a combination of both prayer and medication for the healing of the whole man).