Faith Bible Church


Celebration of the 46th National youth day (Monday 6th to Sunday 12th February, 2012)

This celebration took place under the theme: “Youths and participation in major accomplishments for an emerging Cameroon”. The youths of FBC took active part in this celebration and organized various activities to reach out to youths in the neighborhood of Bojongo and Ndobo such as:

  • Evangelism
  • Bazaar
  • Visit to an orphanage
  • Pic-nic
  • Sports activities

Our sole purpose was to create a lasting impact in the youths of Bojongo and Ndobo and to create forum for the youth of FBC to reach out to the youths in their neighborhood.



1)     The first and second objectives were met;

-          The youths effectively stormed the Bojongo and Ndobo neighborhoods, shared the gospel and won some youths for Christ.

-          Concerning the Bazaar, various games were played and prizes (such as I-phones, caps, foot balls, etc) were won by the participants.

-          A football match was also played, opposing the Ndobo youths to the youths of FBC

2)     The cultural week ended gloriously with the then uncompleted leadership team seeing its vacancies filled at a closing meeting that held on the last day of the cultural week at the National Youth Pastor’s Residence.