Faith Bible Church

Evangelism:God's Heart Cry

Reaching the unreached with the sound gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest commission the Master(Jesus) gave to His servant (every child of God) in  Mathew 28 vs 19& Mathew 24 vs 14 in order to populate heaven and depopulate hell.As a matter of fact the Evangelism department is actively involved in obedience to the Master's commission with the following objectives:

-soul winning


-Finally making sure that the new converts become active church and cell members.

This department has put in place a flexible programme,easy strategies which have created impact in the lives of people in quaters like:Bojongo,Ndobo,PK14,Bonamoussadi,Deido,Mabanda,Ngwelle just to name a few were many souls were won,sick healed,oppressed delivered,destinies transformed as a result these new converts are active church and cell members today,thus objectives attainded.

The prgramme is as follows:

-Daily evangelism:every Monday to Friday from 8a.m to 9 a.m prayers in church to prepare the field for evangelism,9a.m to 1pm door to door, person to person evangelism in a precise zone or quater coordinatede by a Pastor.

-General Evangelism which comes up every after 2 or 3 months per year to well defined zone

-Special Evangelism mainly on saturdays for film projection or 3days mini crusade.


And the easy strategies put in place are:

-Easy to use Tracts mainly for door to door or person to person evangelism

-Mega Phone for public places and junctions

-Film Projection(The passion of Jesus Christ)

-3days Powerful mini crusades with the main speaker Bishop Zach Njafuh

Everybody is qualified and cordially invited to be a member in this department.Please stop being a "BENCH WARMER" in church cause:"the harvest is truly plenteous but the labourers are few" Mathew 9 vs 37,so get on board!!!.You are bless as you join the crew.


Please my leader incase of any modification or more infos am available.Thanks