Faith Bible Church

International Women’s Day

Theme : Empowering the rural woman to eradicate poverty

The IWD which is usually commemorated on the 8th of March every year had amongst her key celebrants this year the “Women of Valour” of faith Bible Church who turned out en masse to give the event the colour and value it deserves.

The Women of FBC in their quest of occupying their rightful place as born again Christians, decided that it is high time for them to identify with their fellow sisters out there in order to create an impact in their society.


They therefore launched many activities to mark this week.

-          A sustainable development project: they decided to take care of the needy around them every quarter and they started this project by visiting Pastor Peter Molah, resident in Limbe, a Preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ who is blind today and can hardly help himself and his family.

-          A drama inspired by the story of the widow of Zarephath in the bible (1 Kings 17): this story shows how a man of God empowered a highly indebted widow and not only did she pay her debts, but she could live on the remnant.

-          Songs of victory: exalting the place of the woman and reminding her of her place and role in the society as a whole and in the church.

-          March pass on the D-day: the women of valour, together with the women of Cameroon gathered in Yupwe square to celebrate the woman before the Governor who took part in the event fully and gave a standing ovation to the FBC women of valour. The impact was such that the whole grand stand stood up and honored our god, singing a Christian song, another women’s group lowered their banner and their flag and asked to join the ranks of FBC women of valour. It was a great occasion and the name of the Lord was lifted high and glorified. It was a prophetic march and an occasion for the women to spread the gospel to all the attendees using banners, gospel tracts, bibles and flags.

-          Celebration: after the march pass, the women gathered in the house of their fellow sister, Sis Sara Tambo, to praise and thank God for the success of this event and to bite and drink something cold after such a long exposure to this scorching sun.

The women leaders assured us that, this is just the beginning and the women have woken up from their sleep once and for all and they are already brainstorming on how to be a greater and lasting influence in the community and in their neighborhoods.